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Large Diameter Layflat Hose

Large Diameter Layflat Hose is a highly flexible, wear-resistant hose designed for large projects and is widely used in various industrial, agricultural and construction fields.As the name suggests, it is characterized by its larger diameter compared to standard layflat hoses.

Large Diameter Layflat Hose Large Diameter Layflat Hose
LDH Layflat Hose LDH Layflat Hose
Large Diameter Layflat Hose-1 Large Diameter Layflat Hose-1
LDH Layflat Hose-1 LDH Layflat Hose-1


Structural layers: synthetic fibers, such as polyester or high-strength synthetic yarns.
Lining: polyurethane (PU) or polyethylene (PE)
●Made of high-strength polyester ribbon blanks, coated inside
●Smooth coating, low resistance, high flow rate and high pressure resistance
●Resistant to acids, alkalis, cold and mildew

Large Diameter Layflat Hose Feature

●Made of high-quality PVC material, able to withstand high pressure
●Excellent UV resistance
●Corrosion resistance and wear resistance
●It has the characteristics of large diameter, flat, light, easy to carry and easy to store.

LDH Layflat Hose Specification

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LDH Layflat Hose Application

Large diameter water hoses are widely used in agricultural irrigation, mining, industry and construction, especially in flood control and drainage projects in coastal areas and flooded areas. In addition, large-diameter flat hoses can also be used in oil fields, urban fire protection, aviation, ports, and environmental protection.They are designed to efficiently transfer large quantities of water over long distances.

Large Diameter PVC Layflat Hose Application



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