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Mine emergency rescue water hose

It has the advantages of light weight, high pressure, high efficiency, soft texture, can be coiled, easy to operate, fast laying and withdrawal, mobile and flexible, strong environmental adaptability, safe and reliable use and durability, etc., very suitable for a large number of reserves for emergency rescue work of unexpected accidents.

Mine emergency rescue water hose Mine emergency rescue water hose


Structure: the braided layer of the hose is made of high-strength polyester filament, and the inner and outer rubber layers are made of polyurethane by one-time extrusion.
Standard Length: Special lengths can be customized according to customer requirements.
Hose Color: Custom colors can be provided upon request.

Mine Emergency Rescue Water Hose Feature

1.Wear resistance
2.Acid and alkali resistance
3.Oil resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance
4.No hardening, embrittlement and fracture in cold environment
5.Super large diameter, super large flow, convenient connection, quick retraction and release.

Mine Emergency Rescue Water Hoses Specification

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Used for mine emergency rescue: When a water seepage accident occurs in a mine, a specially designed high-pressure drainage hose can be used as an emergency drainage pipe to achieve quick connection, installation, and drainage, bringing great convenience to underground personnel. With efficient rescue efforts, a significant amount of valuable time is saved.

Mine emergency rescue water hose application
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