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Lay flat Fire Hose Manufacturer and Supplier

Orientflex manufactures a range of hoses, including fire hoses, agricultural irrigation hoses, mining hoses, snowmaking hoses,etc and provides various hose coupling.

fire hose

Fire Hose

Our company provides customized firefighting hoses with various materials, including Rubber, PVC, PU, and EPDM. These hoses can be manufactured in single-layer or double-layer configurations…

blue pvc layflat hose

Agricultural Hose

Agricultural water hoses are designed to efficiently deliver water for various agricultural uses, such as watering crops, livestock and maintaining farm infrastructure, etc…

mining hose

Mining Hose

Mining hoses are available in different materials, including rubber, PVC, polyurethane (PU) and other high-performance compounds. The choice of material depends on the specific requirements of the mining application..

black Oil & Gas Fracturing TPU Hose

TPU Layflat Hose

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) layflat hose is a type of flexible hose known for its excellent performance in various industries, including mining, agriculture, construction…

Snowmaking Hose

Other Hose

Orientflex not only provides firefighting, agricultural, and mining water hoses but also offers Snowmaking Hose and Jet Ski Hose to meet different customer needs…

Fire Hose Couplings

Fire Hose Accessories

Fire hose accessories refer to various supplementary components and equipment that are used in conjunction with fire hoses to enhance their functionality…

Lay Flat Fire Hose Features And Advantages

  1. Strong Pressure Resistance: Our fire hoses are made of high-strength materials, which can withstand high-pressure water supply and maintain a stable water supply flow. Regardless of the size of the fire, our hoses provide a constant flow of water to ensure efficient firefighting operations.
  2. Highly Abrasion & Tear Resistant: Our fire hoses are carefully designed and manufactured for excellent abrasion and tear resistance. They stand the test of time, maintaining integrity and reliability in harsh environments and complex fire scenes, ensuring your firefighting operations are unimpeded.
  3. Portable and easy to handle: We focus on ease of operation for firefighters, so our hoses feature a lightweight design that is lightweight for easy portability and handling. In an emergency, firefighters can quickly deploy and use the hose to effectively control the fire.
  4. Chemical and UV Resistance: Our fire hoses have excellent chemical resistance and are resistant to corrosion and attack by chemicals. In addition, they also have good UV resistance and can be used in the sun for a long time without damage.
  5. Multiple Sizes and Lengths Available: We offer hose options in multiple sizes and lengths to suit different firefighting needs and scenarios. You can choose the appropriate water hose specification according to your specific requirements to ensure that your fire fighting equipment perfectly matches your needs.
  6. Certificate Certification: Our fire hoses are rigorously tested and certified to comply with relevant safety standards and industry norms.

Lay Flat Fire Hose application

Lay flat fire hoses can be used for a variety of applications beyond firefighting. They are commonly used for agricultural irrigation, dewatering, water transfer, construction sites, mining operations, and general industrial purposes.

layflat fire hose application



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