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TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Layflat Hose is a type of flexible hose commonly used in water transfer applications, especially in agriculture, irrigation, mining, and construction industries. It is designed to efficiently transport water, liquids, or other fluids over long distances.

Long Distance Water Supply Hose

Long Distance Water Supply Hose

Long Distance Water Supply Hose is a type of hose that can be flatly coiled for positive-pressure conveyance. It is made by co-extruding TPU...

black Oil & Gas Fracturing TPU Hose

Oil & Gas Fracturing TPU Hose

Shale oil and gas exploitation fracturing water supply hose is a kind of single-forming co-extruded double-sided polyurethane hose…

Frac Hose

TPU Temporary Oil Transfer Hose

Frac hose is a high pressure hose specifically designed for hydraulic fracturing operations in the oil and gas industry…


TPU Dredging Hose

River dredging projects generate a large amount of sediment. Compared to using traditional steel pipes, using TPU dredging hose for transportation...

TPU Layflat Hose Advantages

  • Durability: TPU is known for its high abrasion resistance and durability, allowing the hose to withstand rough handling, dragging, and exposure to various environmental conditions.
  • Flexibility: The TPU material provides flexibility, enabling easy deployment, retraction, and storage of the hose. It can be rolled or folded for convenient transportation and space-saving storage.
  • Lightweight: TPU Layflat Hoses are lightweight compared to traditional rubber hoses, making them easier to handle and maneuver during installation and operation.
  • High Pressure Rating: TPU Layflat Hoses are designed to withstand high working pressures. They can handle pressures ranging from moderate to high, depending on the specific hose construction and diameter.
  • Resistance to Chemicals and UV Rays: TPU material offers resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents, and UV radiation, ensuring the hose’s integrity and longevity even when exposed to harsh substances or sunlight.
  • Smooth Inner Lining: TPU Layflat Hoses typically have a smooth inner lining that minimizes friction loss, allowing for efficient fluid flow and maximizing the effectiveness of water transfer.

TPU Layflat Production Video

Why Choose OrientFlex industrial rubber sheet

High Quality Manufacturing

Manufactured with advanced technology and quality materials to ensure durability, reliability and performance.

Customization Available

OrientFlex offers a variety of TPU Layflat hoses with different sizes, working pressures and specifications.

Abrasion Resistance

Highly abrasion resistant, making them suitable for harsh environments and applications that require dragging hoses over rough surfaces.

Chemical And UV Resistance

The TPU material used in OrientFlex TPU lay-flat hoses has excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents and UV radiation.

Expert Support

OrientFlex has a team of knowledgeable professionals who can provide technical expertise and support.



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