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Fire Hose Accessories

Fire hose accessories are additional components or equipment that are used in conjunction with fire hoses to enhance their functionality, effectiveness, and ease of use.

Fire Hose Couplings

Fire Hose Couplings

Fire hose couplings are connectors used to join sections of fire hoses together or to connect hoses to other firefighting equipment...

Dividing Breeching

Dividing Breeching

Dividing Breeching consists of a sturdy metal structure with multiple inlets and outlets, usually equipped with threaded connections or Storz fittings for easy connection to fire hoses..

800x650x240 Fire Hydrant Cabinet

Fire Hydrant Cabinet

A fire cabinet, also known as a fire hose cabinet or fire extinguisher cabinet, is a specialized enclosure designed to store and protect firefighting equipment and accessories...

American-style Fire Hose Nozzle

Fire Hose Nozzle

A fire hose nozzle is a device attached to the end of a fire hose that controls the flow and direction of water or firefighting agents during firefighting operations...

20.25.30-meter Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reel also known as a Fire Hose Reel Cabinet, is a fire-fighting equipment consisting of a valve, inlet piping, hose, and a spray nozzle...

Common fire hose accessories

  • Hose Couplings: These fittings are used to connect and join fire hoses together or to other firefighting equipment, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.
  • Nozzles: Fire hose nozzles control the flow and direction of water or fire-suppressing agents. They come in various types, such as fog nozzles, smooth bore nozzles, or adjustable nozzles, allowing firefighters to adjust the spray pattern and intensity.
  • Adapters: Adapters provide compatibility between different sizes or types of hose couplings, allowing for seamless integration between various firefighting equipment.
  • Wrenches and Spanners: These tools are used for tightening or loosening fire hose couplings and other fittings, ensuring secure connections and easy installation.
  • Hose Reels and Cabinets: Hose reels and cabinets provide organized storage and protection for fire hoses when not in use

Why Choose OrientFlex Fire Hose Accessories

Quality Manufacturing

OrientFlex is known for its commitment to quality manufacturing processes. Their fire hose accessories are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring reliability and durability in critical firefighting situations.

A wide variety of accessories

We offers a wide range of fire hose accessories to meet a variety of firefighting needs. Whether it’s hose fittings, nozzles, adapters or other accessories, they offer a comprehensive selection of accessories to support effective firefighting operations.

Customization Options

OrientFlex understands that different firefighting scenarios may require specific accessories. They offer customization options to tailor accessories to individual requirements, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance.

Technical Expertise and Support

OrientFlex has a team of knowledgeable professionals who can provide technical expertise and support.

Industry experience

OrientFlex has gained extensive experience in the hose manufacturing industry. With a proven track record of providing high-quality products and solutions, they have earned the trust and confidence of customers worldwide.



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