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TPU Dredging Hose

River dredging projects generate a large amount of sediment. Compared to using traditional steel pipes, using TPU dredging hose for transportation and installation allows for faster assembly and disassembly, enabling the rapid deployment of emergency dredging pipelines.



Material: High-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Size: Customizable to meet specific project requirements
Coupling: Camclock,Bauer coupling,LDHC V coupling,Flange coupling(for large diameter hose), couplings with air valve for the floating body hose

TPU Dredging Hose Feature

1. Superior durability
2. Flexibility and maneuverability
3. High flow rate
4. Chemical resistance and UV resistance
5. Quick installation and disassembly
6. Compatibility with quick connect fittings
7. Corrosion resistance
8. Customized specifications available

TPU Dredging Hose Specification

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TPU Dredging Hose Application

It finds extensive application in a wide range of dredging projects and related industries. Its versatility and durability make it an ideal choice for various applications.

TPU Dredging Hose application

TPU Dredge Solution Has 3 Steps

1、Extract the sludge to be treated with to the dredging vessel.
2、Use TPU dredge hose(with floating body) to transfer sludge to the shore.
There’s two floating method : 1. use traditional plastic floating body; 2. use air-flated hose with special coupling;
3、Transfer the sludge to the process facility.



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