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Nitrile Layflat Hose

Nitrile layflat hose is a type of flexible hose that is commonly used for transferring liquids, including water, chemicals, and fuels, in various industries.

red Nitrile Layflat Hose red Nitrile Layflat Hose
nbr layflat hose nbr layflat hose
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Nitrile Layflat Hose Nitrile Layflat Hose


Tube:Yellow smooth Nitrile/PVC compound
Cover:Yellow ribbed Nitrile/PVC compound
Reinforcement:High strength circular woven polyester or polyamide.
Temperature:-25 to +80 degree C

Nitrile Layflat Hose Feature

●Light weight,ozone resistance
●Abrasion resistance
●Oil resistance, Long service life.

Nitrile Layflat Hose Specification

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Nitrile Layflat Hose Application

For transfer of air,water,slurries,chemical solution,oil&fuel.Used for applications requiring a heavier high pressure hose or more chemical &Abrasion resistant hose.

How to use NBR Mining Layflat Hose

① Hose connection: When the fire hose is put on the hose interface, it needs to be fastened with galvanized iron wire and tape
② Use of hose: When using, connect the hose close to the water pump to prevent twisting and sudden turning, and prevent the hose interface from being damaged by collision
③Hose laying: avoid pinch objects and various oils, rationally use hose hooks and bridge guards, and avoid being run over by cars
④Prevention of freezing: in severe winter, when the water supply is suspended, the water pump needs to run at a slow speed to keep a small amount of water output to prevent freezing
⑤ Hose belt cleaning: After use, it needs to be carefully cleaned to protect the inner rubber layer. It can be washed with warm water and soap. It should not be rolled up and stored without drying



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