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Potable Water Hose

Potable Water Hoses are used to convey large volumes of water over long distance.Its lining should be quality PU,and it is usually double polyurethane or double rubber hose with large diameter and high-pressure.

potable drinking water hose potable drinking water hose

Lining: Made of high quality PU
Outer layer: double jacket, polyurethane lining
The warp yarn of the outer jacket is made of high-strength polyester staple fiber or filament, and the weft yarn is made of high-strength polyester filament with low elongation.
Connectors:Coupled with female and male thread, rocker lug, brass expansion ring couplings

Potable Water Hoses Feature

1.The warp of the water belt braid is made of high-strength polyester monofilament, and the weft is made of high-strength polyester filament with low elongation.
2.The water belt woven layer is made on a circular loom.
3.The outer coating of the hose has a uniform thickness, and the surface is flat and smooth, without wrinkles or other defects.
4.PU lining is not easy to breed bacteria and corrosion, so it can ensure the safety of drinking water.
5.PU durable water has a wide range of heat resistance, and the outer polyurethane lining ensures abrasion resistance.

Potable Water Hoses Specification

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Potable Drinking Water Hose Application

Hospitality Industry: Hotels, resorts, and restaurants can rely on our Potable Water Hose to deliver safe and clean water to guests, ensuring a superior experience and meeting regulatory requirements.
Recreational Vehicles (RVs): Whether you’re on a road trip or parked at a campsite, our Potable Water Hose provides a convenient water supply for drinking, cooking, showering, and other daily activities in your RV.
Camping and Outdoor Activities: From family camping trips to outdoor events and picnics, our Potable Water Hose guarantees a reliable source of clean water, enhancing comfort and enjoyment during your outdoor adventures.



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